“Zindagi” Chapter-1

Zindagi ek word nhi hai complications ka pitara hai jha mujhe lagta hai mai fasti ja rhi hu. Mai nahi keh rhi sabki life bahut achi chalti hai without complications ke but mere comparison se bahut achi hai. Iss race mein mai bahut pichhe reh gayi hu kyuki race toh unke sath hoti hai jinse humara koi comparison ho. Pata nahi bhagwan ne aisi zindagi di kyu jha mai ye sochne pe majbur ho jau ki jo log mere sath hai voh sach mein mere hai bhi ya nahi.

Mere sath toh mere gharwale bhi race mein nahi hai kyuki ghar mein mai bas paise debne ki ek machine hu isse zyada kuch bhi nahi. Mujhe toh mer gharwale bhi kaam ke matlab se call karte hai ye puchte bhi nahi ki ho kaha. Even they didn’t bother to ask me kaisi hu mai. Kabhi kabhi ye soch ke rone ka mann karta hai or jii chahta hai sab kuch chhod ke chale jau or uske baad apne nayi zindagi bnau.

But jitna bolna asaan hota hai karna utna hi mushkil. Family ke bina rehna mere lie mushkil hai kyuki meine kabhi apne lie socha hi nahi jisne jaisa kia meine nazar andaa z kiya aur dusri hi taraf use itna diya ki voh meri kimat bhulta gaya toh isme jitna kasoor meri zindagi ka hai usse thoda kum mera bhi hai….

Mujhe toh aisa lagta hai ki logo ko ye btate btate ki mai unse kitna pyaar krti hu ya voh mere liye kya importance rakhte hai isme hi kahi mai apni importance unhe realise krwana bhul jati hu jiska voh log fayda utha lete hai or phir mje for granted lene lagte hai.

Zindagi deti toh bahut kuch hai lekin leti usse bhi bahut zyada hai…….!!


Today’s Morning!

Good Morning people! Today I am here with some confusion in my mind and that confusing saying me continuously that everyone has change their minds. The people around me are my family and friends, did they change their mind? Sometimes i feel like everybody who is with me is because of their own good only. I am broken hearted and a victim of a big incident. That incident makes me shivering like hell and gives me goosebumps after that too I am trusting on every person whosoever in my life. What do you think that is wong?

My life is like a cup of coffee, when we have a sip the taste of coffee change. My life is also changing like a coffee. Continue reading “Today’s Morning!”

Could sadness be the key to true happiness?

The other night I felt overcome by sadness as I reflected upon all the suffering of this world.

In many ways, I have a perfect life. Nevertheless, a part of me will always be sad as long as others suffer.

Life is bittersweet. And that’s okay with me. As long as suffering persists, happiness without sadness seems insensitive.

I sat with the feelings of sadness, gazing at the dark night sky. I didn’t try to push them away. Quite the contrary, I felt empowered by them.

Usually, we want to move away from sadness as quickly as possible.

Often, we’re encouraged to divert ourselves from sad feelings by engaging in physical activity, imagining pleasant and relaxing experiences, or looking for humor in a situation that makes us sad. Some people, who are naturally empathetic, have decided to protect themselves from sadness and other challenging emotions by not watching the news. I can understand.

But I say, let your heart be broken into a million pieces. You will be all the better for it if you allow it to open your heart. Here’s why.